Advanced Asynchronous USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier with Digital Volume Control and Crossfeed


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  • Functions as a high-performance DAC/amplifier combo or amplifier only
  • Features 192-kHz upsampling digital path for USB jitter isolation
  • Provides a low-noise and transparent listening experience
  • Includes adjustable crossfeed (with bypass) which mimics a natural listening environment
  • Offers three levels of gain adjustment and digital volume control with precise channel matching
  • Accepts USB digital audio up to 16-bit/48-kHz
  • Supports digital interface to iPhone 4s/5/5s/5c and iPod Touch 5th generation (requires iOS 7 and Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit)
  • Supports digital interface to all iPad models (requires Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit)
  • Supports digital interface to Android devices (requires standard USB audio class support)
  • Works with practically any type of headphone, from sensitive IEM to high-impedance over-the-ear
  • Includes rechargeable battery, charges over USB
  • Includes charge disable switch for battery-only operation

The UHA760 USB DAC and amplifier combo features asynchronous upsampling to 192 kHz, digitally-controlled volume, adjustable crossfeed, and a three-position gain selector. The UHA760 can be powered by USB or by its internal rechargeable battery.

The UHA760 uses an asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) to upsample the USB audio stream to 192 kHz.* The output side of the ASRC is clocked by a stable, low-jitter crystal oscillator. This has the effect of decoupling the jitter which exists on the USB interface signals, resulting in a cleaner and more stable digital signal to the DAC. Operating the DAC at 192 kHz pushes the effects of its digital low-pass filter away from the audio band, allowing for a higher performance filter in the ASRC chip.

The digitally-controlled volume control provides a stable and centered stereo image across the entire volume adjustment range, even at the lowest settings. Adjustment steps are 1 dB.

The crossfeed feature feeds a delayed and filtered version of the sound in each channel to the opposite ear, mimicking the way we hear sounds in a natural acoustic environment. This helps to reduce the potential for fatigue when listening to source material with unnaturally wide stereo separation or hard panning. The crossfeed feature has three settings: high, low, and bypassed.

The UHA760 includes a charge enable switch. When charging is disabled, the UHA760 operates entirely from its internal battery, enabling use with tablets and other devices which limit USB output power.

* Suports USB audio input up to 48-kHz, 16-bit.

Asynchronous upsampling to 192 kHz. Upsampling provides isolation from jitter on the USB interface; it also shifts the digital filter in the DAC away from the audio band, allowing for a higher performance external filter.

High-performance Cirrus Logic DAC. The CS4398, Cirrus Logic’s flagship digital-to-analog converter, is a long-time favorite of audio enthusiasts due to its exceptional performance and audio quality.

Digitally-controlled volume. Volume adjustment is controlled digitally in 1-dB steps, with excellent channel-to-channel level matching across the entire volume adjustment range.

Three-position gain control. Optimize the volume range for your headphones or earphones by choosing from three gain settings.

Adjustable crossfeed with bypass. The crossfeed circuit sends a delayed and filtered version of the sound to the opposite ear, mimicking the way we hear in a real acoustic environment. This reduces the unnatural sound which can occur with heavily-panned recordings.

True ground audio reference. With bipolar voltage rails at +/-7 VDC, there is no need for an output ground buffer which can cause additional output distortion and other audio artifacts. This also allows the UHA760 to be used as a low-noise DAC/preamp into a line input such as an A/V receiver. Additionally, there are no DC-blocking capacitors in the signal path, which can cause harmonic distortion.

Advanced battery management. Use any high-power USB port or USB charger accessory to charge the UHA760. When charging is disabled via the rear-panel switch, the UHA760 operates entirely from its internal battery. The front-panel power LED indicates low-battery status. The UHA760 is compatible with most standard 5V USB wall chargers.

Plug and Play USB operation. The UHA760 uses the standard USB audio drivers which are included in Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Max output power (1% THD, 1 kHz):
    • 30 mW into 16 ohms
    • 55 mW into 32 ohms
    • 100 mW into 62 ohms
    • 125 mW into 100 ohms
    • 55 mW into 300 ohms
  • THD+N (1 kHz, USB input, 20 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth, no weighting):
    • 16 ohms
      • 1 mW: 0.0036%
      • 10 mW: 0.0037%
    • 32 ohms
      • 1 mW: 0.0035%
      • 10 mW: 0.0038%
      • 30 mW: 0.0078%
    • 62 ohms
      • 1 mW: 0.0029%
      • 10 mW: 0.0034%
      • 50 mW: 0.0061%
    • 100 ohms
      • 1 mW: 0.0030%
      • 10 mW: 0.0030%
      • 50 mW: 0.0048%
    • 300 ohms
      • 1 mW: 0.0042%
      • 10 mW: 0.0036%
      • 40 mW: 0.0031%
  • Frequency response, USB input (48 kHz sample rate)
    • <3 Hz to 23 kHz, ±1.0 dB
    • 7 Hz to 22 kHz, ±0.1 dB
  • Frequency respose, analog input
    • <3 Hz to 75 kHz, ±1.0 dB
    • 7 Hz to 22 kHz, ±0.1 dB
  • Output impedance (1 kHz): <0.5 ohm
  • Battery life: (AD8610 op-amp)
    • 12 hours, analog input
    • 6 hours, USB input
  • Dimensions: 70 x 84 x 20 mm (2.8 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches)
  • Weight: 6.0 oz (170 g)
  • 16-bit/48kHz USB digital audio
  • Asynchronous upsampling to 192 kHz
  • 1/8″ analog input
  • Automatic input selection
  • Digitally-controlled volume, 1-dB steps
  • Three-position gain select (-12dB/0dB/+12dB)
  • Two-level crossfeed with bypass
  • DAC: Cirrus Logic CS4398
  • DAC filter op-amps: OPA1641
  • Output stage op-amps: AD8610
  • Bipolar voltage rails (+/-7 VDC) with true ground reference
  • Uses standard USB audio drivers
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • Rechargeable battery, charged through USB or standard 5V wall charger
  • Charge disable switch
  • Power/low-battery and charge indicator LEDs
  • Available in silver or black
  • Includes Micro-USB cable and self-adhesive rubber feet