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About Us

Read about Leckerton Audio, its founder, and his design philosophies.


About Leckerton Audio

Leckerton Audio is an electronics company specializing in the design of high-performance headphone amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters. Located in Portland, Oregon, the company aims to provide thoughtfully-designed products to headphone enthusiasts around the world who value superior sound quality.

The company was founded in 2007 by engineer Nick Kettman. At the time, Nick needed a transparent, low-noise, and low-distortion headphone amplifier for performing listening evaluations of recorded material. Dissatisfied with the available commercial options, Nick developed his own high-performance portable amplifier with built-in USB DAC. The first Leckerton Audio products were based on this design, and through the years the designs have continued to improve and evolve.

The company strives to provide every customer with a positive experience. Knowledgeable and personable customer service has always been and will continue to be a top priority.

All Leckerton Audio products are designed in the U.S.A. Every amplifier is tested by hand to ensure it meets quality standards. The company stands behind its products – all amps include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty.


Design Philosophy

The Leckerton Audio design philosophy is centered on the goal of audio transparency. With a well-designed amplifier, you should hear the music, not the amp. Leckerton Audio amplifiers are engineered to present audio at its highest fidelity, providing a direct, engaging, and enjoyable listening experience. This is accomplished by selectively incorporating circuit design techniques which help to keep noise and distortion to a minimum, while at the same time avoiding unnecessary details which increase the cost or complexity of the design without actually providing any real benefits. Key elements of this approach include the choice of appropriate high-quality circuit components, proper circuit board layout, and extensive real-world testing.

Nick Kettman, Owner and Designer

Nick Kettman, Owner and Designer

Nick Kettman, Owner and Designer

As owner and designer, Nick Kettman manages all the day-to-day operations of Leckerton Audio. He previously worked as an Applications Engineer at Cirrus Logic in Austin, Texas, a semiconductor company which supplies analog and digital signal processing components such as digital audio converters. At Cirrus Logic, Nick provided engineering design support to customers in industries such as mobile telephony, automotive audio, and professional audio. Prior to Cirrus Logic, Nick worked for the Shure microphone company, located near Chicago, Illinois. At Shure, Nick worked as a product development engineer on a range of products including digital wireless microphones, USB microphones, and USB audio interface devices.

Nick earned his Master of Science in Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Austin where he studied electronic design, acoustic transducer design, psychoacoustics, and digital signal processing. Nick has two degrees from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois: a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelor of General Studies with an emphasis in recording studio technology and music production.

Nick has been playing the drums since the age of 10, and he has served as an educator for several marching percussion ensembles. In his free time, he enjoys creating music, playing video games, and jogging in the forests near his current home of Portland, Oregon.