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UHA-6S and UHA-6 USB Amps are iPad-compatible

Update (June 19, 2011):All new UHA-6 and UHA-6S amps now include iPad compatibility by default.

It didn't take long for folks to figure out that the Apple iPad camera adapter could be used for more than just connecting cameras. It can also be used to connect a myriad of USB audio devices such as headsets and headphone amps. This includes the Leckerton UHA-6S and UHA-6 USB DAC/Amp models.

Compatibility with the iPad requires a special factory modification of the circuitry in the UHA-6S (or UHA-6). This modification allows the amplifier to go into a "low-power" USB mode when the amplifier charging switch is set to the Disable position. As of iOS version 4.2 (the latest version as of this post), only low-power USB devices are allowed to connect to the iPad. This means that the iPad cannot be used to charge the battery in the amplifier, but charging proceeds as normal when the amplifier is connected to any standard high-power USB port on a desktop or notebook computer (with the charging switch set to the Enable position, of course).

The necessary factory modification is provided free of charge to all new and existing UHA-6S and UHA-6 customers. If you currently own an amp and would like to have the modification added, please contact us. If you are purchasing a new amp and would like to have the modification included, simply let us know in an email when you make your purchase.